Fees & Insurance


PRG accepts most Blue Cross Blue Shield policies, Medica, United Health Care and MA insurance products. Each policy is unique and it is the responsibility of the policy holder to know coverage and limitations of their policy. PRG does not bill insurance companies that it does not have a provider contract with. Clients are responsible for any portion of their bill not covered by their insurance policy. We encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to determine if you have mental health coverage.

In cases where PRG does not have a provider contract you will be expected to pay for your appointment in full at the beginning of the session. If requested, PRG will provide a detailed billing summary to submit to your HSA or insurance plan.

Clinical Services

PRG provides a host of clinical services to clients ranging from individual and family counseling to assessment and consultation. Private Fee Schedules for Clinical services are as follows:

  • Intake Interview 90 minutes - $250.00
  • Individual and Family based Counseling Appointments 60 minutes - $175
  • ADHD Assessment includes Intake, Cognitive , Achievement and Emotional/Behavioral testing and summary report - $750.00
  • Mental Health Assessment including Clinical Interview, Developmental History and Targeted Questionnaires for Depression, Anxiety, Drug/Alcohol issues - $350.00

Educational Services

PRG has the expertise to provide a variety of services that create a more complete picture of student instructional needs. Our staff has worked with thousands of families, students and teachers over the years to create a more successful learning experience. Private Fee Schedules for Educational Services are as follows:

  • Classroom Observation and Parent Feedback $250.00
  • Home Observation and Parent Feedback $250.00
  • School Planning Meetings including Assessment Planning, IEP Development $250.00
  • Gifted and Talented Testing $450.00
  • Achievement Testing $350.00
  • Developmental, Emotional and Behavioral Rating Scales $250.00
  • 504 Planning $250.00

Organizational Services

PRG staff provides a host of services to corporate, educational and religious organizations to help improve individual and team performance. Private Fee Schedules for Organizational Services are as follows:

  • Leadership/Executive Profiling $1000
  • Executive Coaching – per hour $175
  • Customized 90 minute Team Training $750
  • Half day workshops/Training $1500
  • Full Day Workshops/Training $2500